School Advisory Council (SAC)

Principal Lesley MacInnis Ex Officio
Vice Principal Tom Cleary Ex Officio
Teacher/Support Staff Helen Totton June 2019
 Teacher/Support Staff  Joan MacNaughton June 2018
  Teacher/Support Staff  Mark Harnish June 2019
Parent  Stacie Rimmer June 2018
Parent Torquil Duncan             June 2017
Parent Rakhi Dokania June 2019
Parent & Chair  Natalia Diaz-Insense

June 2017
Community Member  Marie March

June 2018
Community Member Nadine Smillie

June 2017
Community Member Joan Malay

June 2017


If you have concerns, please contact your SAC member in writing.

Our Board Member is Cindy Littlefair.  Her contact information is:   website:

The 2016-2017 Letter of Agreement is available to view as a pdf by clicking here LoA 2016-2017

The  updated SAC By-laws are available to view as a pdf:  By-Laws SAC REV-Jan 2015