The Book Fair/Sale is on in the Westmount Library!

The 2014 Westmount Book Fair~Sale is off to a great start. Located in the Westmount Library, many students, staff and parents have already been in to stock up on many great books and items. (it’s like a mini Chapters, with something for everyone!!)
DID YOU KNOW…….that on average 60% of sales go directly back to support the school…. So we can order more books for our classes & library!!
The Book Fair~Sale ends this Thurs, so come on in and shop with us!!


A Friendly Scooter Reminder

Just a friendly reminder to all students who use their scooter to wheel to school.  Please remember you are not to be on your scooter once you are on the school pavement.  There are often too many other people around and an accident may occur.  When you take your scooter inside the school, please make sure it is sitting up and not lying down as someone may trip over it.  Thanks for your help in keeping Westmount School a safe place!